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About Adelaide Dreadlocks

My name is Jenny. I am a professional loctician with over 8 years of experience creating and maintaining beautiful dreadlocks around Perth.

I only use my crochet hook on any hair type. I don’t use chemicals or products. Everything is natural and organic 🙂

With every service, I will provide you with expert advice to help you grow beautiful dreads but also keeping a healthy scalp.

Adelaide Dreadlocks Services

I only offer fixed prices for dreadlocks services in Adelaide:
– Dreadlocks maintenance: $180
– Starting dreadlocks (above shoulders): $450
– Starting dreadlocks (below shoulders): $640
– Starting dreadlocks (half-head, “man bun”, mohawk, top knot): $350
– Dreadlocks repair: quote on request
– Dreadlocks removal: quote on request

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Adelaide Dreadlocks Maintenance

Maintenance is $180 and takes around 1 to 3 hours according to the amount of work needed.

I only use my crochet hook to maintain dreads. I don’t use any products or chemical.

Dreadlocks maintenance includes:

Retightening the re-growth.
Crocheting loose hair using my crochet hook.
Retightening split ends if needed.


Starting dreads in Adelaide

I will be crocheting your hair with my crochet hook. I won’t be using chemical, glue or wax. 100% organic dreads!

Starting new dreadlocks takes around 5 to 8 hours depending on the length and the desired size of your dreads.

Your hair needs to be minimum 15cm long to be able to start dreadlocks.

Starting dreadlocks prices

Starting dreadlocks above shoulders: $450
Starting dreadlocks below shoulders: $640
Starting dreadlocks half-head (“man bun”, Mohawk, top knot): $350


Adelaide Dreadlocks contact info:

Location: West End Adelaide
Phone: 08 8180 0682